Grand Café Pearl

Vermeer’s Enduring Influence

Inspired by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer – whose world–famous Girl with a Pearl Earring painting hangs nearby in The Hague’s Mauritshuis Museum – Restaurant Pearl’s stunning interior represents a fitting embodiment of the venue’s distinctive artistic ethos, which fuses the spirit of the 17th century with the technological innovations of the present day.

Laser–cut, traditional lace-patterned columns lend a dramatic sense of scale, subtly drawing the eye to the restaurant’s elegant upper reaches, where four chromed–steel palm chandeliers and exquisitely–printed shades emit a soft, sensuous light that accentuates the vibrant delft blue upholstery and intricately-patterned whitewashed oak floor.

Situated directly above the gorgeous mosaic–tile bar is an enlarged, high–resolution reproduction of Girl with a Pearl Earring printed on stained glass – a marriage of history and modernity that is testament to the flair and precision of Dutch master–craftsmanship.

Johannes Vermeer -The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Johannes Vermeer(1632–1675)
Girl with a Pearl Earring(1665)